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Prevent your plumbing pipes from freezing in the winter

frozen and burst pipe

The simple and effective way to prevent frozen plumbing pipes in the winter.

Pipe Freezes in winter and it become the common issue in winter but if you want to eradicate such issues and get smooth flowing water then there are some solutions. Drain Services Toronto don’t recommend you to apply too much heat or spend money on the installation on heating system. These are some of the common tips helpful keeping the water away from freeze issue.

There are lots of people who face this issue and it can be too much dangerous because many big troubles occur due to it and you can find that the neighbor isn’t facing the issue like pipe freezing but you do. Well, what is the reason? Don’t worry because we are going to discuss about both the factors here.

Know the reason behind Freezing of pipe

You can easily find that pipe freezes in winter days and mostly it happen during the night time as the temperature goes below 0°C. Well, you can eradicate all the issues with ease because there are some methods to resolve it out.

The most common reason is that you keep the home door open in the cold time and it doesn’t get too much heat. If you are using any of the heating system like HVAC and other then keep it on during lower temperatures.

If the pipes are not completely covered or there is an open end then it can let the air comes in and free the water. Most of tankers mounted on roof has this problem and if you want to avoid it then properly seal all the areas.

Hard to find the reason behind this issue? Well, you can rely on a plumber because he is able to trace the issue in few minutes. The other reason away from your reach is plumbing problem. If the plumbing work isn’t done right then there are many chances of facing issues. It can be harmful too.

copper pipe insulation

How To Resolve Pipe Freezing Issue?

You just need to hire a plumber to resolve all the issues and it is easy as if you want to do the work on your own then there are few more methods which can help and these are quite reliable. You just need to apply the warm tape on the open part.

You can try to touch the pipe and feeling the most cost part. It will let you know that where the water is flowing. It can be troublesome but you can easily get rid of most of the issues by using such methods. It is quite reliable.

Finally, you can get the benefit with leaky faucet and if there isn’t any issue like this then keep the water dripping at a lower rate. The water will be flowing in the winter and you can take down such issues with ease.


The best method is never such as proper Insulation because most of people face issue due to improper insulation and it can keep the temperature of water warmer than usual. Easy and reliable? Yes, it is.

How To Replace Faucet Handle?

Steps to replace a faucet handle

This is one of the common issues, which creates problems for the people. If you are one of them and looking for the best method to replace the faucet handle. Then you have come to the right place, here you will attain enough relevant information in order to overcome this issue with ease. There is no need to be troubled any more. All you need to do follow the given below convenient instructions to fix the faucets without making too much effort. Most importantly, you are the only one working on this hassle. If you are following the list below instruction, then there is no need to shut off the main water supply.

allen key to replace faucet handleStep 1: Remove the cap cover

First of all, users need to remove the cap the handle. This is generally a plastic piece, which sits on the peak of the handle and hiding the screw. You can just pry it off by softly pulling up beneath it the flat head screwdriver. Make sure to not break it; otherwise, it will create tons of complications for you afterward.

Step 2: Remove The Retaining Screw

channel lock to replace faucet handle

Once you remove the cap of the handle, now you able to locate the retaining screw. This is the tool, which supports the users to hold the securely the faucet handle. In order to remove it, you need to use the Phillips headed screwdriver. However, it also depends on the style of the faucet; the screw may be long in size sometimes. This thing can create difficulty to remove. But it takes more time than the normal screw, so keep going until you remove it completely.

Step 3: Take away old handle

With the removal of the screw, you can conveniently remove the old handle now without facing too many complications. Afterward, users will be able to see the stem and this is the better time to clean the dirt around the stem with a washed cloth. This work is required to overcome the issue of the corrosion in the near future. Eradicate the problems easily and gain success with ease. Sometimes, corrosion can also cause the issue and make jamming or clogging problems, which leads them to end up facing disappointment.

Step 4: Inert The New Faucet Handle

After opening the whole handle, you need to change the old handle with the new one. You can easily attain the new one from the nearby market and online stores. But there are some folks, who find it hard and unable to buy a better one, which creates tons of hassles in the end. So, in order to purchase the better handle, you need to check out the review and ratting. It is the better option for you to make a lucid progress with ease.

Most importantly, many people think of faucet repair rather than buying a new one. So, it is advisable to avoid fixing the old one, it can cause the issue of corrosion. Place the new faucet handles and just slide on to the stem conveniently.

Step 5: Tighten the Screw and Add the cap

Finally, after inserting the new handle, now users are required to secure it with the screw, which you removed during the old handle removal procedure. Make sure to tighten it perfectly and users also have to avoid the drill. It can cause damage to the tools and create compilations in the near future. On the whole, try to read the above-mentioned information and learn to replace the faucet handle with ease. There is no need to worry, just scroll up and gain success conveniently.

What Is A Garbage Disposal And How It Works?

installation of a garbage disposal

The garbage disposal is the device, which normally works with the electric power. It is installed beneath the kitchen sink and also lies between the sink’s drain and the trap. The main motive of the garbage disposal machine is to break down the waste material into the small pieces in order to prevent the sink to get clogged. In the present time, getting clogged in the sink is the normal issue of every house. However, if you haven’t heard of this tool yet, then install it now and overcome all the complications with ease.

In addition, it is very convenient to use and support to resolve the issue of waste material conveniently. This is the better option to utilize for getting rid of unnecessary leftovers, expire food items, as well as discarded peels. But users often take their disposal for granted until it becomes their serious issue by getting clogged or stop the process of a kitchen sink. So, grab the opportunity and buy it from the nearby market or online store accordingly. How does it work? Well, follow these listed below steps to extend the life of your unwanted disposal and overcome the issue of clogs and jams.

garbage disposal and how it worksRun Disposal Daily:

Run your garbage disposal on the daily basis. Even if users don’t have anything to grind up, switch on the water and run the disposal to remove the other left substances. Most of the time, it is unable to get rid of the rust or corrode, whereas by running it now will support to resolve it as well. This mechanism is very similar to exercising the body to keep it in the better shape. It is advisable that not take this thing lightly. Use it and prevent future complications now.

Utilize Cold Water:

Use the cold water instead of the hot water in the garbage disposal. Hot water is the best option, but it can melt the food, which is opposite the work of disposal device. On the flip side, the cold water makes the food hardens, which make the garbage disposal work convenient to grind up. So, allocate the cold water and enhance the process of the tool without facing too many complications.

Cut The Waste Material Into Small Pieces:

The blades and motor of the garbage disposal machine are so powerful. But on the other hand, never expect any kind of miracles if you try to throw big size chunks of meat or fruit. If you don’t want to damage the tools, then it is better to cut these leftovers into small pieces. Otherwise, it will make the condition worse along with the clogs and jams issues. Most importantly, it doesn’t matter if you have the double sink, it will also harmful to the tools if you throw big chunks.

Final Verdicts

On the whole, garbage disposal is the best source to resolve the issues of the leftovers. However, there is no need to worried, just read the above-mentioned information to understand it perfectly.